Spa in the castle

Only a few know about the art of relaxing.
The Asians say e.g. that health, beauty and a general well being can only be reached, when one is in balance with nature. Also the antique Romans found it very important to have high quality drinking water and other prevention methods like diets or a kind of work-life-balance. Nowadays this philosophy is missed out often.

Think about simply letting yourself go and relax in a pool filled with thermal water and to enjoy relaxing massages. Simply „totally relaxing“! Experience it!
In the middle of the 300 hectare big castle grounds arises an own thermal spring, which rises with more than 62 degrees out of one kilometre deepness: Just for your pleasure and well-being. There are no masses of people, but just you and your partner and maybe a few other guests, who only want to relax too.

Our thermal and spa area is an oasis for your senses and a spring of your beauty. Let yourself be pampered by our exotic St. Barth treatments, various massages and beauty treatments in very special atmosphere. Our treatments have a regenerating outcome and let the skin breath freely. The body revives and your soul and spirit fly freely.

In Hertelendy Kastély you experience the unique feeling of well-being and vitality. From our own thermal spring arises 62 degrees hot water from a reservoir which is about 1000 meters deep under the castle. This spring goes directly into the massage basin, the external swimming pool and the unique thermal lake in our original Finnish Kelo sauna.

Feel welcome in a place in which the nature and the well-being are united with the symphonie of vitality and enjoy nice hours of relaxation in Hertelendy castle.

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