Hertelendy Aviator Club

Members of the board


Club President:
Peter Koller
Honorary President:Zoltán Veres, European champion aerobatic
General Secretary:
István Gyenesei

Aims of the Association: 

The aim of the Hertelendy Aviator Club is: provide a forum for the guest of the Hertelendy Castle whose arriving by plane and for aviator enthusiasts. 

A Hertelendy Aviator Club members can be anyone who has submitted a request to its membership, and whose inclusion in the Association's management approves.

Principal objects:

The principal objects of the club are to foster fellowship and to promote friendly relations, social activities and business interest among pilots and Hertelendy Aviator's Club. The language of the Club is English.

The yearly Membership fee for the Hertelendy Aviator Club is as from 2012:

Individual Pilots and Flights-Partners:
100,- EUR / 27.000,- HUF
Vivendi Pilots and Flights-Partners:300,- EUR / 81.000,- HUF
Aviatic Business-Partners and Affiliates:900,- EUR / 243.000,- HUF

Membership fee compensation:

The club fee will be compensated with Hertelendy-Vouchers of 10.000,- HUF, which can be used for all Hertelendy services.

  • the Individual Pilots and Flight-Partners 3 Hertelendy Vouchers, each in value 10.000,- HUF.
  • the Vivendi Pilots and Flight-Partners 9 Hertelendy Vouchers each, in value 10.000,- HUF.
  • the Aviatic Business-Partners and Affiliates 27 Hertelendy Vouchers each, in value 10.000,- HUF.

The membership fee includes:

  • Special offers for Hertelendy Aviator Club-Members
  • Free bus transfer, room upgrade (if possible)
  • Prestigeous events for pilots, networking with Club-Member list
  • Use of the park, tennis,  golf, bikes

We reserve the right to change.

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